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RUTH INN (A home for the widows)


In April 2016, we visited the home for widows in Churachandpur, Manipur, India. This is a home where widows indeed are able to live. We learned that the residents of the home consist of two categories. Most of the women are transient while there are a few that are considered permanent residents since they have no family to care for them.


During our visit, we learned about how God had worked in many of their lives to bring them to the home where they can be somewhat comfortable and receive some level of medical attention they require. The administrator of the home is a graduate from the school of nursing and is able to provide first-aid level of care for the women. They have a limited supply of medications for use as well.


We learned from the home administrator that they have a need for regular support for food. There is also a need for regular support for other needs for the permanent residents. We made an agreement with the women of the home that we would develop communication with them and share prayer needs for presentation to the Lord. These are Godly women who know how to pray so we are excited to get them seeking the Lord on our behalf for the needs of our ministry.


We ask that you pray for the women in this home. We also ask that you pray about helping with regular financial support to help meet their need for food and other needs. We will be sharing stories of individuals there in the near future. Please ask the Lord if He will

use you to help meet some of these needs. You can view their profiles below by clicking on their faces.

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